Putting together your dream Maine Wedding? Whether set along the beautiful Maine coastline or one of Maine's scenic backdrops, we have celebrated with couples all over the state on their Wedding Day.  We know that each decision made will contribute to how your wedding is remembered.  Therefore, we work extremely hard to hold up our end of the bargain to make your wedding as memorable as possible.

This all begins the planning of your Wedding Day.  We work hand in hand with our couples throughout the entire wedding process so that come Wedding Day, you can focus on what's important, enjoying your day. 

We set up our couples with an online portal to keep track of song selections and preferences for your wedding.  Requests, entrance songs, dances and wedding party details are tracked online giving you 24 hour access to make changes and make the process as easy as possible. 

We will make suggestions but always stress that we are here to see your dream wedding through and will go through whatever lengths to make that happen.

On the day of your wedding, we'll arrive several hours before the ceremony to set up so things go off without a hitch.  Based on the game plan we design together, we'll make sure to keep the day moving along and trying as best to stick to the schedule.  When its time for your grand entrance, we will line everybody up and remove any additional burden on the couple so once again you guys can enjoy your Maine Wedding.

Once dinner has concluded and its time to get the party kicked off, we'll do what we do best, get people on their feet and keep them there until its lights out.  We have performed for weddings of all sizes and age groups.  Its our ability to adapt to any crowd type that makes us so successful in keeping the party going all night.

We are here to make your day as special as possible.  We cover everything from the ceremony, through cocktail hours, dinner and the reception.  We have packages starting as low as $800 and are confident to meet anyone's budget without sacrificing quality or expectations.  For a quote, availability or any general questions, contact us today.

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